Funded projects of the Intellectual property rights call, 8th round


The purpose of the call is to support novelty search, patent applications and maintainance, assessment and audit of intellectual assets, to ensure increased domestic and international protection of intellectual property generated by innovative ideas, with a total budget of HUF 1 billion financed from EU sources. The call promotes greater awareness in using intellectual property protection tools to enhance the competitiveness of Hungarian enterprises and research institutions, and foster their market success and ensure the return of their investments in RDI activities.







You can find out about the funded projects on the following site: National Research, Development and Innovation Office

Funded projects of the Business RDI combined with loan call, 2nd round


The call is aimed at fostering the research, development and innovation activities of domestic businesses and thus contributing to the development of new marketable products, services or technologies, including prototypes, with high added value



Source: National Research, Development and Innovation Office

Funded projects of the Prototype, product, technology and service development call, 13th round


The call intends to drive commercialization of research results by providing predictable funding to SMEs for the development of technologies with high intellectual value. The call focuses on two development phases that are difficult to be financed from the market, specifically in-house prototype development by SMEs and the commercialization of the resulting innovative products, services and processes.


Read more at: National Research, Development and Innovation Office

ERC_16_MOBIL, Call for proposals relating to visiting research groups supported by ERC, Round 3-4
The call aims to further improve the already considerable success rate of Hungarian researchers affiliated to Hungarian research institutions in ERC funding programmes, thus increasing the number of ERC funded projects in Hungary and the international reputation of Hungarian researchers and research institutions. The call enables researchers having a legal relationship with a Hungarian research centre to do research and exchange information while spending three to four months in a research group whose principal investigator has already won StG, CoG or AdG funding. This allows researchers to gain hands-on experience in how to prepare a successful ERC project proposal and how to lead an ERC funded research group, increasing their chance to successfully apply for ERC funding when returning home.


In the jointly assessed third and fourth rounds the following applicants were selected for non-refundable mobility funding from the NRDI Fund.


Source: National Research, Development and Innovation Office

Funded projects under the ”Funding for Hungarian internship programmes for Hungarian university students studying in the UK” 1st round
The call is financed from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund and aims to provide summer internship opportunities at domestic businesses for talented Hungarian university students studying in the United Kingdom enabling them to participate in the given business’ research, development and innovation activities.


This way the students can use the theoretical knowledge acquired during their university studies, learn how a Hungarian businesses work and contribute to their success with their ideas. They can also meet further opportunities offered by the domestic labour market. 10 proposals were submitted between 13 December 2017 and 31 January 2018, with a funding request of nearly HUF 9 million in total, and 7 of them were found to be in line with the formal requirements and suitable for qualitative assessment. The proposals were assessed and ranked by a designated expert group, then the Innovation Board approved to recommend each of the projects for funding to the President of the NRDI Office.


To find out about the founded projects, visit the page of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office here.


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