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Education and Life-Expectancy
Education can generate several individual and social advantages. Out of these advantages the most marked ones in researches are the advantages education can create in the labour market (higher employment rate, higher wages). Apart from labour market and wage advantages educational attainment correlates with life expectancy, individual health status, satisfaction, quality of interpersonal relationships, social and organizational trust, and political participation. On societal level, educational attainment contributes to economic development and to a more effective redistribution and to the stability of social structures. Out of the individual advantages the following brief analysis focuses on the relationship between life expectancy, health status and educational attainment. Continued in the attached file.

Download this file (MBET_1709_171003.pdf)MBET_1709_171003.pdf

Results of the IEER Business Climate Survey October 2017
The latest wave of the IEER Business Climate Survey is based on the responses of 3064 enterprises. According to the results the IEER Business Climate Index increased to +49 points in October 2017 from +47 points in April 2017. The value of the Uncertainty Index has decreased by two points (October 2017: 42 points). Continued in the enclosed report.

Hungarian National Bank: Hungary’s competitiveness needs to be improved

Although the macroeconomic bases of improving competitiveness exist, due to the relatively low productivity of companies Hungary is still in competitive disadvantage compared to other countries in the region, says the Hungarian National Bank’s Competitiveness Report 2017. The average entrepreneurship is higher, but the added value of SME sector and the investment in R&D are considerably lower than among the larger, multinational companies. The deficit of qualified labour, the lack of marketable education, and the bureaucracy cause further difficulties for the SME sector.
Continued in the enclosed report.

Download this file (MBET_1801_180213.pdf)MBET_1801_180213.pdf

Megjelent az MKIK Gazdaság- és Vállalkozáskutató Intézetének decemberi tájékoztatója, amelyet a mellékletekben olvashatnak magyar és angol nyelven.


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