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Territorial Innovation Platform established at Szent István University

The Territorial Innovation Platforms (TIP) initiative was launched in October last year by the National Research, Development and Innovation (NRDI) Office, with the policy support of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology. So far, the charter document has been signed by 11 universities in Budapest and six more in rural Hungary, and today Szent István University also established its TIP.

The initiative aims to facilitate territorial partnerships across the country based on university knowledge bases with an aim to ensure direct access to information about innovation policy directions, enable and strengthen cooperation between local innovators, and create new professional foundations.

The future performance and competitiveness of the new Hungarian innovation ecosystem largely depend on increased local cooperation between stakeholders, such as policy-makers, higher education and research institutions, businesses and professional organisations; which can boost the innovation potential of each region in line with the priorities of the Smart Specialisation Strategy. To this end, building on the existing university centres and focusing on the real strengths of key regional innovators, the NRDI Office intends to create new hubs which adopt a new approach to facilitate information flow, knowledge transfer, collaboration and networking.

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Source: https://nkfih.gov.hu


Megjelent az MKIK Gazdaság- és Vállalkozáskutató Intézetének havi tájékoztatója.
A tanulmányokat a mellékletekben olvashatják magyar és angol nyelven.

Eredményes a magyar gazdasági modellváltás - MKIK gazdasági évnyitó

A magyar gazdasági modellváltás eredményes, egyebek közt a tartós gazdasági növekedést, folyamatosan csökkenő államadósságot, fegyelmezett költségvetést, a foglalkoztatás növekedését hozta - hangsúlyozta Parragh László, a Magyar Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara (MKIK) elnöke kedden a kamara Gazdasági évnyitó 2020 rendezvényén, Budapesten.

Companies must leave their comfort zone if they want to avoid their business collapse, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at a conference organised by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry today to launch the 2020 business year. Focussing on short and long term affects of the Coronavirus epidemic, he said the government and the Central Bank will help those in trouble.

Hungarian Startup University Programme to kick off in September

This is the first practice-oriented, quality-assured programme on startups, market environment and the operation of innovative businesses that provides the same high level of training in every part of the country.

In 2019, the Expert Panel on Startups of the National Research, Development and Innovation (NRDI) Office published a package of proposals for the startup ecosystem, including a proposal on the Hungarian Startup University Programme. The first e-learning course is going to be available in many universities across the country in September 2020, with the policy support of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology (ITM).

There is a significant untapped potential in the heads of university students, and the market is always open to good ideas. However, there seems to be a long way to go before knowledge on innovation becomes widely available and before a good idea can reach the prototype and startup stage. The Hungarian Startup University Programme aims to speed up this process by introducing young people to the world of innovation and providing them a practical guide to starting a business.

Startup skills are in demand nearly everywhere

Students will develop an entrepreneurial mindset and solution-oriented thinking in the programme. The aim is not to produce thousands of startups but to spark interest in this world. However, if they feel like starting a business later on, we will give all the support they need – said Krisztián Kölkedi, senior adviser on youth strategy and startups of the NRDI Office.

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Source: https://nkfih.gov.hu



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